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XPERIA Touch, Interact with any surface

XPERIA Touch is a portable next generation projector that uses Infrared light to detect touch and other interactive input. All you've got to it is point it at any surface and it will become alive.

Whether you want to draw, write, or make video call you can do it with this amazing gadget. Just touch a contacts name and you are in a video call with them or transform your kitchen top in to an interactive screen for your next delightful recipe.

XPERIA touch not only projects but it can detect touch or any kind of interaction process and responds just like any touchscreen device.
Its truly amazing and with the passage of time when more apps are included to support it, it will become more useful.


Memory and storage Memory: LPDDR3 3GB Storage: eMMC 32GB, microSD slot Operating System Android N Weight

Spotify is Getting Better, acquires Content Recommendation

Spotify announced its latest move to expand its marketing and advertising horizons: it has acquired and shut down content recommendation service MightyTV, a startup that focused on video recommendations, with an app that used a Tinder-style swipe interface to help guide you to TV and film choices compatible with your own tastes. As part of the deal, MightyTV’s founder and CEO Brian Adams will become Spotify’s VP of technology, focused its marketing and advertising platforms. The company launched less than a year ago and had raised just over $4 million, according to CrunchBase. The deal includes MightyTV’s team of eight, who will be based across Spotify’s New York City, Toronto and Stockholm offices. Adams, was the co-founder and CEO of AdMeld, an advertising optimization platform for publishers that was acquired by Google in 2011, reportedly for $400 million. He then joined Google to run the Doubleclick Publisher Platform, before leaving to start his own company again in 2015. MightyT…

The Days of Carrying Suit Cases are now Behind us

Gone are days when you had to carry suit cases around with you. Now they will carry you. Yes, that's true. Thanks to a company who has already surpassed their goal on Indigogo you can ride your suitcases

So, tell us what do you plan on doing with your new Suitcase? 

Samsung’s new ‘intelligent interface’ for smartphones

Samsung is entering the voice-powered virtual assistant game a bit later than its competitors, but it says that its forthcoming “Bixby” agent will be “fundamentally different” from what’s already available, thanks to features that reduce confusion around when and where it can be used, and a general knowledge of what’s going on with your device whenever it’s called to perform some action. Bixby has been thought to have been the product of Viv, an AI assistant created by the team that first built Siri prior to its acquisition by Apple, and acquired by Samsung last year. Samsung created the version of Bixby it’s launching later this month in-house, however. Samsung made Bixby official on Monday with a blog post announcing that it would be launching alongside the Galaxy S8 later in March, detailing some of its features and the company’s longer-term intentions with its entry in the virtual assistant battleground. Samsung says that Bixby is different because once an app supports it, the intel…

Share Location with Friends using Google Maps

Fed Up of giving directions to friends where you are? Google brings a solution. Now for a specific amount of time share your location with your Friends. How cool is that?

Google Maps has today announced a new feature to allow you to share your location with others. While that might seem creepy, it’s not the first to add this type of functionality. Facebook tells you when a friend is nearby — it even lets you “wave” at them and gives you the option to send a message if they holler back. Foursquare’s Swarm lets you check in wherever you are and both Lyft and Uber give you the option of seeing where your friend is if they share their ride location with you.

Google Maps will let you tell your friends where you are and give them directions to your location. It will also let you pick a special friend (like a family member, spouse or love interest, for example) to share your location with long-term.

If Google’s new addition sounds familiar, that’s because the company several years ago used t…

Airbar: Turn any laptop screen in to a touch screen

A surprisingly good peripheral that adds “touch” capability to an ordinary laptop or monitor, provided you buy the correctly sized AirBar.Neonode’s AirBar certainly sounds like its from science fiction movie: The slender sensor ruler like strip attaches to a laptop screen or standalone monitor.
 Typically, native touch capabilities add about $100 or so to the cost of a new monitor, with no way to retrofit an existing touch-less device. Until now. The AirBar, which began shipping this week, is priced right at just $69. This unique gizmo is also a recipient of the Innovations Award for CES 2017, though it was first announced a year ago.

The AirBar works by bouncing infrared light off your fingers, interpolating where your fingers touch the surface of the screen. Make no mistake: A genuine touchscreen is more precise and offers more flexibility in terms of multitouch capabilities. But for those who want an inexpensive-but-serviceable alternative, the AirBar does the job.
Note that your l…

Install Kodi 17.1 on iPhone without Jailbreak

Yes, its true. You can now install the latest version of Kodi App on iOS without needing to jailbreak your iDevices.

For those who regularly keep abreast of the wonderful work taking place on the Kodi platform, they will be well aware that the worldwide team had not only been working extremely hard to introduce new features, but to also ensure that version 17 was available to the public just over a month ago.

That initial release of Krypton was quickly followed up with a new beta version seven days later, taking the platform to version 17.1, which obviously contained all of the features included with version 17, but with a slew of new bug fixes, improvements, and stability enhancements designed to enhance the end user experience.

That has now been followed up by recent public release of 17.1, with the compiled IPA file now available to download which allows iPhone and iPad owners to get the software onto their device independent of Apple’s official App Store for easy installation.


April 1st, 2017 Amazon will start collecting sales tax nationwide

Well if you have been shopping from Amazon you already know that one of Amazon’s biggest early advantages over brick-and-mortar retailers was No Tax but this will disappear for good next month. The company will on April 1st start collecting sales tax in the states of Hawaii, Idaho, Maine, and New Mexico, according to a report from CNBC. That means Amazon will collect sales tax in all 45 states that require it, ending one of the company’s more drawn-out regulatory fights that the e-commerce giant had resigned itself to losing years ago. (For the record, Alaska, Delaware, Montana, New Hampshire, and Oregon do not have a state sales tax.)
Amazon first began relenting on the sales tax issue when it began opening fulfillment and data centers around the country to speed up shipping times and build out a more robust physical network. Simply by having a physical presence in certain states mandated that Amazon had to start collecting sales tax, while in other situations the company worked out…