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Make Money by Completing Legitimate Government Surveys

Now you can make money using legitimate government sponsored or multinational companies sponsored companies Surveys. It is a slow process and won't make you rich overnight but sure will help you earn pocket money.

You will NOT get RICH Overnight

Step 1:

Go to either of these addresses:

For Pakistan and Middle East Based surveys click here. Please remember the minimum points you need to convert your points in to cash is only 5000. 5000 points means $50.

For US Based Surveys click here. Please remember the minimum points you need to convert your points in to cash is 25000

When the page loads click on Join

Step 2:

Please Enter your Email Address. Make Sure it is a Correct Address as you will be receiving your acivation link on this email address. Also choose a password. 

After clicking Sign up with email you will see this window

Step 3:

You will recieve an activiation link in the email address inbox that you specified. Click on it. If you do not find the link check your Spam/Junk address as well

Step 4:

 Login with your email address and password if required. After successful login on the right side you will see A box with Take the Survey link. Click on it

The first few pages are about you and your interest. Give honest answers to that. Please select United Arab Emirates as your Current Country of Residence and Pakistan as your country of Birth.

They will test if you are a human or a machine so a random question will be generated for you

This questionaire is simple and takes no time to complete. The questions are easy and you will be able to complete it with no effort

After you have completed the survey you will be given a chance whether to continue with more questions or just see your score, its up to you whatever you like click on that

Step 5:

After you come back to the home screen you will be able to see your points and more surveys as well. Complete as many surveys as you like and start earning.

You can always see your score in your account area

In my settings Select Frequency of Surveys "As Often as Possible" to get a chance to receive more surveys.

In addition to this through a lucky draw you can also win several prizes like Samsun Smartphones and many other things.

This survey is not like the ones that scam you, it is a genuine survey system spread all over the world and you can use it with confidence.

Disclaimer: is in no way associated with nor responsible for their customers or payouts. Under no circumstances we will be held for anything or any transaction that they do.


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