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Dengue Fever Explained by a Patient

29th August 2017 was the day when I was diagnosed with Dengue Fever NS1. What happened that day?

The Morning:

Well, in the morning I was feeling a little, I mean very little, low. I got up, showered and drove to the office. My body starting feeling a little-tired right from the morning. Still, I ignored and pushed myself and started with my day, worked till lunch hour, we cook lunch in the office and eat there jointly. Right before lunch I started feeling cold and came out of my office and sat in the hall without a fan and I was actually feeling better without any fan or air conditioning.

The Lunch Hour:

At lunch, I am normally very active. Cracking jokes, laughing and having some great conversation while eating lots. Today, however, wasn't like every day, we started lunch and I tried to be like me but I wasn't able to keep up. After trying a lot I finally gave up and stopped eating at all, made a cup of green tea for myself but even that wasn't helping.
I took two Panadol tablets (Paracetamol), it was then that I became cautious and avoided any kind of medicine but Paracetamol, I just wanted to make sure that I do not have Dengue fever before I take anything else, even that I was sure this temperature was because of a sore throat.
Gave about 30 minutes for Panadol to kick in but it didn't, my condition was worsening and I forced to make a decision to leave office and go home. I left my bike in the office parking and left in a Taxi for home.

The Evening:

Came the evening, I wasn't feeling well at all. I wanted to take more medicine, something stronger. My temperature was rising, I was feeling hot and sweating. My father and I decided it will be a good idea to visit the hospital and take the tests. I took my temperature and it was 104 F.
We arrived hospital from a different gate and the emergency compound was quite away from there. I took the walk, reached the emergency center and registered myself. The hospital was already on alert for Dengue and the moment I started explaining my condition even before I could ask for these tests doctor suggested Dengue and Malaria tests. We went on to the lab, deposited blood samples and the wait of about 40 minutes started.
I sat in a corridor where there was no air conditioning and fans, I was relaxed in that weather. I soon started sweating and sweat I did. After about 40 minutes I got my bad news tests, I was tested positive for Dengue virus while my platelets count was really good enough i.e. 340,000.
Went back to the consultant, he prescribed Panadol and ORS and told me not to worry and that if my platelets keep up in about 7-8 days I will get rid of this virus. He strongly advised me to keep hydrated and drink lots of fluids especially Apple Juice.
I returned home, everyone was shocked, fearful and concerned that what has happened and what is going to happen?

The Beginning of Dengue Fever:

It started, my worst fear took its shape and was now one of the biggest challenges for me. Till now all we heard was that no one survived this disease and that there is no cure for this disease and if you have it you are doomed to die. It was the first time doctors told me it is no different than a common cold disease and that you can fight it, stay strong and everything is going to be alright.

High, extremely high fever is what I faced during this disease. At any time with medicine, my temperature was not coming below 103 F. It was going to 105 F, maybe 106 F but I was too afraid to keep a check on it. I was taking Panadol actually two every 4 hours. Body pains, chills and sweating were all part of the deal.

Fever was backed by a debilitating headache. Sometimes only on my left side but most of the times I had a full head headache. So, it was the second thing that was causing me misery.

Abdominal Pains:
The third type of constant pains: the stomach pains rather I should say abdominal pains because that pain was not only because of pain in my stomach but due to Liver pain as well. My liver was swollen which I found on the 10th day of my sickness.
I faced an another issue as well and that was of loose motions, I had loose motions but this will change at times.

Body Pains:
With such a high fever body pains seems quite obvious right? Yes, it is and the body pains were immense. The whole body was tense and sore, all joints hurt all muscles were in pain. My back was the one that hurt the most.

Sleeplessness (Insomnia in Dengue):
At this time, it should be evident and not necessary to mention this but sleeplessness is also part of this hell. You simply can't go to sleep, because of pains, fever, and headache.

CBC Tests:
I was asked to take complete blood count tests daily. They needed to keep a check on my platelets count. Unless your platelets count drops below 50,000 they won't admit you, it means you can cope with the disease.
Or if you start bleeding from somewhere, in that case, you will be admitted and may even be given a platelets transfusion. 

The 7th Day:
Came the 7th day and it was a miraculous day. At around 10 AM I was fine like somebody flipped the switch. I was suddenly fine, no problem at all and I was feeling great. My energy levels were rising and I was happy that the doctors were right and on the 7th day, I am now recovering. Great!
No, there was something else cooking, there was a rash building up under my skin and suddenly it appeared.

The Rash Attack and Hospitalization:
It was my 8th day of being diagnosed with dengue fever that rash appeared on my arms, hands and feet. I went to the hospital because for the whole night I was itching. I took a CBC test my platelets count was 98,000. When I showed this to the doctor he simply said it's ok and you are improving and then I mentioned my rash and at that moment doctor started scribbling and wrote Admit in Medical A ward.
I was admitted to be kept under observation and that if this rash starts to ooze blood or something else. I was under observation for two nights and on the third day, I was released from the hospital.

9/9/2017 The 12th Day Attack:
Today was a big surprise waiting for me. In the night I ate Chinese Fried Rice with Chicken and Eggs, tasty, around 2 AM. I woke up fine at around 9:25 AM, feeling fine and suddenly everything changed in just 30 minutes. I started throwing up, dizziness and nausea engulfed me. I tried to avoid it and took some anti nausea tablets. But I vomited those tablets as well, my BP was getting higher and my headache started killing me. After spending about 2 hours in misery I was taken to the hospital. On the way, I vomited twice and vomited a lot.
Upon arrival at the hospital, I skipped CMO and went directly for Medical TMO in the Emergency ward, till then my speech was not fine it was all shaky but somehow I told her what I was feeling. She went directly for injectables starting with nausea and vomiting medication directly IV and skipped the IM part. Nothing changed and I started losing feeling in my hands and feet. They went for a saline solution 500 mL IV. Half of the Saline was in but my headache and spinning were not improving they went for an another IV and an IM injection. In the meanwhile, they withdrew blood twice for CBC tests.
After this new IV (drip) I started feeling a little better and dizzy. I was half sedated and my nausea subsided. In the meanwhile, my CBC came back in which platelets have increased from 142000 to 347,000 units. After spending about 2 or more hours I was feeling well enough and came back home, still sleepy I went to sleep and rested.

Now, I am here at home writing this story and wishing that this disease of mine ends and leaves me alone and healthy.
So, if I complete this story it means I have survived, most probably, but if it's left like this well, it means it took me with itself.


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